Lady Jose the spanker

Lady Jose the spanker

About me

I am a woman who has always admired a peachy bottom. All shapes, and all sizes. But I don’t just admire them from afar. My urge has always been to smack those naughty cheeks firmly.

As a hardwired spanko, I feel privileged and lucky that so many likeminded people have already found their way to my lap and have put their trust in me.

I have met the curious, novices, and
the experienced. All of us sharing the same fascination and kink.

My favourite experiences are always dealing with those who need the punishment and
guidance in their lives. Those with naughty confessions, or issues, or problems that they are unable to address on their own with self-discipline.

For those naughty boys and girls, nothing short of a soundly applied punishment spanking will be able to change their ways.

However, I also enjoy meeting people with other spanking needs.

For example, I see many people who lead stressful and hectic lives who view their time across my knee as an opportunity to escape and submit and surrender their responsibilities for a few hours.

Regardless of how you come to be in my company, be assured that I prefer the classic, old
fashioned spanking ways.

My favourite implement of all is my trusty right hand. Make no mistake, it is firm and strong and durable. My hand will more than grab your attention.

For those who require something even firmer, my closet hosts a wide array of traditional

You may find yourself on the receiving end of my trusty wooden hairbrushes,
wooden spoons, carpet beater, leather slipper or my vast collection of solid wooden paddles.

I must stress, for me the spanking is all about the act of chastisement, and there will be no
sexual activities.

Your trousers and underwear will no doubt be coming down, but I will be
staying fully dressed at all times. Rest assured that limits will always be respected.
Please do take a peek of some of my recent spanking adventures here:

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If you know what you need in your life, and you are ready to face up to the consequences of
your actions, I encourage you to send me a polite email. We can discuss how to make
arrangements to visit and the cost of the corrective service I will provide. Of course, I am
discreet at all times and respect your privacy private life. If you have no intention of arranging a
visit to see me, please refrain from sending me a message. Just enjoy my videos instead.