Testimonials from my lovely spankees

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Spanking event where I met Lady Jose and eventually received an Over the Knee Spanking from her.

Prior to attending the event I was not familiar with Lady Jose. During the course of the Spanking event I did a bit of research on her and explored her website, excited to see that she offered long and hard over the knee hand spankings, I was excited to experience this type of spanking.

I was an eager novice, probably behaving a bit like an eager little puppy dog nipping at her ankles begging for attention! In the end I did get the attention I craved and more, due in part to my 'neediness'!!

Prior to our spanking session I was able to meet with Lady Jose, talk and get to know her a bit. I found her to be a warm, intelligent and caring woman with a mischievous sense of humor to whom I was drawn. At the appointed time and place we met for my punishment. She laid out her implements and got comfortably seated. I was told to drop my pants and lay across her lap. I felt very safe and secure, confident in her skills and abilities, I was vulnerable, head down and ready for my spanking. Lady Jose began with a slow hand warm up and then moved on to a series of strong and forceful hand spanks. I was impressed by the power of just her hand and during those impacts was thinking to myself, "no way this woman needs to use any sort of implement!!" I felt like I was taking a trip with an experienced guide. As Lady Jose increased the pace and intensity we climbed a hill, there were a number of times during the climb where I thought I was approaching my limit and as if sensing that, she changed pace, intensity, area of impact or simply paused for a moment. I slid a bit down the hill and then she started again and we pushed past that previous high point moving upward. Drawing me in and hooking her leg over mine, I was held firmly in place for the rest of our journey.

During the course of spanking she used three different paddles and her strong hand on my bottom. Each implementwas used with skill and intensity. In the end I had a very well spanked bottom. I've always wanted one of those "I'll spank you so hard that you can't sit down for a week" experiences, Lady Jose certainly hit that right on the mark! Start to finish it was an absolutely wonderful experience! Even though I have rather limited experience in the spanking world, I craved an intense spanking with someone that was invested in the shared experience and was capable, confident and skilled. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to bend over Lady Jose's lap and be spanked by her.Certainly a Peak experience in my life!I can whole hearted lyre commend Lady Jose to anyone looking for an intense, hard spanking, you won't be disappointed.

David, Ohio, USA June 2023

Lady Jose's website drew me to pick her as one of two professionals to use at the big Dallas spanking party known as TASSP.

Fantastic decision. This is a fun, kind, generous woman who does this for a living because she loves to spank. There are pretenders out there, I know several, but Lady Jose is the real deal.

She played the strict headmistress in our role play, and did it to perfection. She'd reviewed the information I'd sent her and knew exactly what I needed, which was super impressive.

And the spanking! Wow, I have a high tolerance for hand spanking, and Lady Jose now goes on a list of precisely TWO people who can spank hard and long enough with her hand to make me think, "Yep, this is real punishment." She's also adept with the strap and three days later my bottom has cane stripes on it. A rare and wondrous feat!

There's no doubt that if she comes back to TASSP next year I will be booking a session. I highly recommend this lovely person, with a wonderful lap to be spanked over.

Mark, Texas USA June 2023

Lady Jose,

I may write a whole book about my excellent experience with her, but I think it won’t help the reader. I will try to keep everything as short as possible.

All you may find about her in the clips published, interviews given and positive statements from other spankees being allowed to meet her, are purely true.

I came from very far away, with nothing else than many ideas and phantasies, thus basically no real experience.

It worth a lot the long trip, both the way to her studio near Rotterdam and the trip(s) over her gorgeous laps.

When I came in, I was full with so many mixed feelings ranging from fear to pure excitement. Lady Jose shows a unique sensitiveness to understand the other, accompanied by a very kind and polite way of hospitality reception in her place.

We connected as beings nearly from the beginning. Even if embarrassed at the first moments, I was suddenly melted away into pure trust and safety.
In look on the feelings I got on my backside, she really went for it. Up to that date, I had not the most remote idea, what it probably means getting a real punishment spanking or a spanking at all. Just in case, we agreed to a safe word, but I promised to myself rather biting up my tongue than making use of it.

In any case, Lady Jose seemed to know always, when I was about to be unable to held it anymore, pushing just a little more over my limits. Man, I felt and saw the results still more than one week after, which gives still so good memories and feelings of correctness having received this special treatment of her.

By then we had none, but I can imagine, those kind of spankings attached to a real reason for punishment, would certainly help to think twice prior inflicting again in whatever bad habit.

The aftercare and long speech we had about many other things, allowed me to see also some of the person, which is so much more than a stern and firm disciplinarian. It was just amazing, too.

I will always keep her in highest estimations, even and because I am not sure if I have the possibility to meet again with her in near future. She is a very precious treasure. Please keep this always in mind, when getting the privilege to be invited by her.

Blackcat, Equador, June 2023

Ik weet dat het weer nodig is: gewoonweg een pak slaag, broek uit over de knie en flink billenkoek.

Het zou iedereen goed doen denk ik wel eens.

Na een zeer ontspannen gesprek met mevrouw José krijg ik last van mijn grote zonde;: ongeduldigheid.

Dat wordt opgemerkt en ik moet eerste mijn broek en onderbroek uitdoen waarna ik dan eindelijk over de knie ga.

Hoewel het wel degelijk pijn doet kan ik het goed hebben. Het is tijd voor pauze en ik bewonder haar strakke rok met prachte billen erin.

Stiekem vraag ik mij af of die billen wel eens gespankt zijn.

Dan op de bank over de knie voor een toch wel intense lange sessie. Het komt bij mijn grens maar de opmerkingen tussendoor maken het dragelijk. Ik voel dat ik me overgeef en in een roes kom wat een enorm gelukkig gevoel teweeg brengt. Daar lig ik dan als stoute jongen!? die een pak voor zijn billen krijgt. Het idee maakt me ontspannen en gelukkig.

Na de laatste 40 petsen met haar hand besluit zij dat het over is en praten wij nog best lang na. Ik ben enorm blij dat ik iemand heb gevonden die precies weet waar het om gaat en dat ook levert en er ook zelf nog plezier aan beleefd. wellicht wel meer dan de ontvangers..

We weten beide zeker, tot snel weerziens.

M, Amsterdam Holland, June 2023

A visit with Lady Jose is well worth the time and effort.

She is charming and beautiful and will make you comfortable by
engaging in general conversation as a prelude to your
disciplinary session.

Do not be deceived by her many charms and graces, her right
hand will be applied with great vigor and you will receive the
best and hardest hand spanking of your life!

She is excellent at monitoring your reactions and will bring you to your limits
at multiple intervals.

She has a wonderful assortment of paddles and hairbrushes
as well as an antique Jocari paddle but true spankos will be
drawn, as if on a religious pilgrimage, to this Mecca of over
the knee hand spanking.

Highly recommend.

`Heatseat`, Boston, USA June 2023

From her beginnings on Twitter, I was attracted by her profile, Lady Jose releases this complex mixture of sensuality, and of strict and severe woman.

We had exchanged a few words, without knowing if we were going to meet one day. The Netherlands is much too far for me.

And then one day, I decided to take advantage of a business trip to Paris to finally meet this severe "auntie".

I have very little experience as a spankee, but I have always felt the need to be harshly corrected. Who better than Lady Jose could meet this need.

When I saw her, we recognized each other, immediately big smiles and the feeling passes immediately. She knows how to put you at ease,

I feel very good that she is holding back, she hesitates to go harder. She needs to understand my reactions to adapt her intensity and severity.

She tries to know exactly how I feel, is what I'm doing well, and that I support well. I answer her, that I came here to receive a good one, not to try to spare myself...

She smiled at me widely, her blue eyes starting to shine even brighter.

Thank you Lady Jose for this unforgettable moment, thank you for your welcome, thank you for your sympathy, thank you for your severity, thank you for your intransigence.

Lady Jose knows how to be gentle and stern, if you want a correction, believe me she knows how to do it.

Etienne, (Reunion, May 2023)

Terwijl ik hier zit met zeer pijnlijke billen denk ik weer aan gisteren.

Door mijn stout gedrag moest ik bij haar op het matje komen.

Mijn hart bonsde in mijn keel, wat ik zag was een mooie vrouw met ongelooflijke sexy look, maar ze was zeer boos ik had namelijk iets van haar.

Toen ze ook nog eens ontdekte dat ik haar pantyhose aanhad heeft ze mij alle kanten van de kamer laten zien met een onvoorstelbaar pak slaag.

Ik moest en zou over haar knieën liggen met mijn (haar) pantyhose naar beneden wat er toen gebeurde grensde aan het onwaarschijnlijke.

Ze sloeg me zo hard dat mijn billen zo rood werden als haar nagellak. En als ik tegenspartelde dan klemde ze mij over een knie met haar andere been rond mijn benen.

Wat ik toen leerde was dat je met deze klasse dame best niet in aanvaring komt, of je zal zoals ik enkele dagen met pijnlijke billen steeds terugdenken aan deze (droom)sessie.

Mvg Bartje (Antwerpen, Belgium, April 2023)

Since I can remember back I am interested in the topic of spanking. It runs through my childhood, youth and accompanies me even today.

I'm sure it's not just me when I admit that it's not always easy to explain or justify why we need spanking.

Not in front of other people and maybe not even for ourselves.

The peculiarity of Jose is that you don‘t need to explain it, because she understands it.

Not often have I met a person who not only loves spanking as much as I do, but also understands why I need it.
Understands what I need and how I need it.

I don't even want to go into detail about the session here, because it will differ for everyone.

After all, we‘re not all the same.

It is only important to know that Jose is not a person you have to justify or explain yourself to, because she does not judge you and because she truely understands you.

I am glad to have found someone I can trust and who will spank me the way I need.

German boy, (Germany, April 2023)

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my aunty Jose for a spanking as she spent a few days visiting London.

This was only my second time seeing her, so as you can imagine I was filled with both nerves and excitement.

I spent a good couple of hours across her knee being sparked by her hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon and slipper and had the most amazing experience.

Not only is she a gorgeous unbelievable spanker but also an extremely caring aunty.

I wriggled with excitement across her lap as she spanked my bare bottom and soon reminded me that I need to stop misbehaving!

Since the spanking I dream of being spanked by my aunty daily. There isn’t many better feelings in the world than being exposed, naked across her lap. A 10/10 experience and I would recommend to anyone who is in need of a spanking, whether you are a beginner or not

Lucci, (My naughty Brittish nephew, London Feb 2023)

It was a delight to finally meet Jose in London. I was greeted with a warm hug and quickly felt comfortable.

We had a drink and chatted initially, before jose adopted a more serious tone. My ear was grabbed firmly and I was soon face down across her lap.

The power and control of this lady is incredible.

I was left in no doubt who was in charge and the punishment though painful was what I have always craved.

Trust me if you have always searched for the best otk you can find, this lady delivers

and is a delightful companion to be with.

I will certainly try to see Jose again.

Hope this is ok, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and hope we meet again soon. You are very special.

Sincere regards

Simon (London Feb 2023)

My dear Lady Jose,

I feel so privileged to have been able to visit you in person whilst you were in London.

You have such a wonderful persona. When you stepped out of the lift, my knees turned to jelly and my heart skipped a few beats when you asked me how I was.

On reflection, the beginning of a visit to paradise is no exaggeration.

As we entered your room, the dream became reality.

An absolutely gorgeous lady with a beautiful heart of gold, but I was soon to learn about your cast iron hands. We started with a drink and a talk about how the session would proceed. Your wonderful sexy voice and such a beautiful body and gorgeous face and smile, at least until the time came for my punishment.

I removed my clothes and was told to stand in front of you after you placed a chair in the middle of the room. You then began to give me a good scolding to tell how naughty I was. Almost before I realised, you grabbed my left ear and with fantastic speed hauled me across your truly gorgeous knees, so quickly that I thought I was going to fly through the window blinds!

No danger of that though, you had me in a tight grip across your beautiful lap and before I could catch my breath, your cast iron right hand began to make an immediate impression on my exposed bottom cheeks.

Your build up from warming up to full blown slaps was for me I have to admit absolutely exquisite, especially as I was looking down at your fabulous legs and also glancing at your beautiful bottom. Lady Jose then introduced me to the delights of her famous hair brushes and a couple of other implements, interspersed with some wonderful massaging of my delicate bottom and more hand spanking.

I don't care, but I was in paradise all of the time. As well as being across that gorgeous lap, I also spent time laying over the bed to reap the benefit of said implements.

At the time of my visit I had a bit of a problem with my lower back and you kindly assisted me to get up from your lap and after the spanking was completed you very kindly rubbed oil onto my back and gave me the most fantastic back massage, pure heaven on earth for me.

After all of that, we then had a good chat over another hot drink to complete for me a most wonderful session with this fantastic wonderful gorgeous lady.

I would definitely recommend this wonderful gorgeous lady to anyone who wishes to have an exquisite experience across the knee of a fantastic spanking lady.

I absolutely plan to visit the gorgeous Lady Jose in Rotterdam later in the year.

Thank you once more beautiful lady for your genuine care and attention from the heart of my bottom!!

Geoffrey (London Feb 2023)

Dear Lady Jose

I had a wonderful day yesterday, and wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to meet you and experience your discipline. It's really great to make contact with such a feeling and caring lady with an obviously genuine interest in spanking. I also really enjoyed examining your beautiful collection of brushes!

The overall session was perfect for me: good, strict manner which quickly took me back to my childhood frame of mind; greatly enjoyable hard hand-spanking; a properly painful clothes-brush spanking which was not easy to take. It's an intimidating idea that you could choose to replace the clothes-brush with your ebony hairbrush next time!

I very much hope we can find chances to meet and explore further in the future...

Meanwhile, many thanks again and all best wishes to you.

Regards, John (Switzerland, Feb 2023)

"The last communication before my session in London from Lady Jose set the tone beautifully, "you will have a very sore bottom tomorrow".

As I knocked on the door of her temporary abode those words added to the confused sense of excitement and trepidation I felt. I was to understand by the end of my visit that both were appropriate.

On being greeted at the door I sensed a warm almost caring personality. The preamble was friendly and mildly inquisitive and put me at ease very quickly. The moment to start came gently at me, almost like a surprise. Lady Jose has a disarming manner that sucks you in and before you know it her firm and effective manner is confirming her right hands legendry status. Warm up spanks that are more powerful than some practioners full power soon had me bracing for the more to come.

In the course of the session I was very firmly hand-spanked, met the effectiveness of her two favourite hair-brushes, the thud of her slipper and the rhythm of her carpet-beater. I can confirm the whole experience was excellently, pushed my limits but in a good way and left me with the colour palate on my bottom that showed a expert at work. Whilst all this was being administered Lady Jose seemed to know when to chide, when to hold me in place firmly, when to reassure, when to give temporary rest-bite from the chastisement onslaught and most importantly gave me so much trust and confidence in her. I was transported to being a contrite naughty boy in an alpha male body and I loved every minute of it, even as the sting of my bottom reached new heights. Best ever, longest, most perfectly pitched spanking I have ever had.

Her aftercare is attentive, to your mind as well as your body, the reassurance, the hugs and the cream all added to the feeling Lady Jose stays connected with her spankees all the way through. She even let me babble on for a while after and was determined I wasn't departing until she was happy I was in a fit state to do so.

I have experienced 10 different disciplinarians over the last few years, the vast majority come with positive experiences, but as a collective package Lady Jose is about as good as it gets. My pre-excitment was justified as was my pre-trepidation, a spanking and a sore bottom that will live with me for a long time."

GoodLifeMickey (London Feb 2023)

I had the most delightful and memorable session with Lady Jose. Jose is an insightful, sensitive, perceptive and wonderfully dominant disciplinarian. She guiding me through the session with such expertise, I felt completely held and emotionally safe throughout. This allowed me to commit to the session and inhabit my submissive role in a deeply satisfying way.

Jose’s discipline was hard and intense, taking me to my limits while maintaining the utmost respect for my boundaries. I could not imagine how the session could have been better; I was absolutely engaged from beginning to end. After a long and thorough spanking, I enjoyed a relaxed and very pleasant discussion with Jose about the session and our mutual passion for spanking and discipline. I could not recommend this excellent, dedicated and highly skilled practitioner more highly.

A very satisfied customer,JosephB (London Feb 2023)

Dear Lady Jose.

Thank You for the appointment You provided me with on my 67th Birthday this Sunday.

As You recall, I mentioned that I had never been spanked before, although I have been fascinated with spanking since I was in my mid teens.

I was very nervous when I first arrived but You made me feel very relaxed and welcomed me with a lovely hug.

After You made me a lovely cup of coffee, You prepared the room to be able to put me over Your knee.

After You gave me some initial spanks across You r knee but over my trousers, You then removed my trousers and underpants to place me bare-bottomed over Your lap and proceeded to spank me, starting with medium strength smacks, initially, and then continued to spank but getting harder as the spanking progressed.

You told me that You were going to show me how a single leglock and a double leglock feels, which You did with much expertise. As the session continued, You introduced two hairbrushes and two types of slipper.

It was a truly amazing experience and I can now, honestly, say that I know what a sore bottom feels like.

I will have to come and visit You in Rotterdam, some time.

Thanking You once again and sincerely recommending You to anybody that wants a Lady that knows what She is doing and does it with a warm, friendly attitude.

Kind regards,

naughty little terence. (London feb 2023)

`Lady Jose review

As a lifelong spanko I have always craved a spanking by a woman who knows what she is doing - Lady Jose is exactly that. I have been spanked a few times by partners in the past but had never experienced a real, proper spanking from a woman who is just as into giving spankings as I am receiving them.

I was going to be in the Netherlands for a long weekend and knew I had to make a visit to Lady Jose. I emailed her and she was very quick to respond and very kind, it was obvious that she was very serious about spanking! We made an arrangement to meet and that was it, I was booked in!

The day before our session she sent me a confirmation email and that was when it really started to sink in - in less than 24 hours I was to be over the knee of a strict woman getting my bottom spanked! I was very nervous while getting the train to Rotterdam, the whole way I couldn’t sit still. When I arrived Lady Jose met me at the platform, she was extremely warm and welcoming while we made the short walk to her studio.

Once I arrived I was made to feel instantly at home and calm; her studio is just gorgeous! We spoke generally about spanking and other things for a while. After some time had passed, Lady Jose began getting a little stern with me. I had told her about some bad habits of mine, and she started to scold me, telling me that she was going to correct my poor behavior! Before I knew what was happening, I was over her knee getting spanked! At first I was spanked over my trousers, but very quickly they were pulled down and I was being spanked on my underwear. Quite soon Lady Jose pulled my underwear into a wedgie and started spanking my bare cheeks - how embarrassing! After a little while being spanked like this I was stood up and my underwear was removed. Standing in front of Lady Jose like this I felt like a bold little boy. I was then once again taken across her knee and spanked soundly - this was all with her hand but let me tell you, she really packs a lot of strength with her bare hand - before long I was squirming and Lady Jose had to lock her legs around mine to stop me. I was then spanked with her slipper, wooden spoon and even got 10 spanks with her dreaded hairbrush!

Lady Jose expertly took me to my limits and gently pushed them - when she was finished I had a bright red a lightly bruised bottom. After my spanking she gave me a big hug and we conversed for a while before I went on my way. Lady Jose is also very skilled at aftercare! On the train home I couldn’t sit still for a different reason, my bottom was too tender! The sore bottom lasted for a few days and was a very welcome reminder of the spanking I experienced. I could not recommend Lady Jose enough & I will definitely visit her again!

A bold boy in Eire

(Bold boy, Ireland, Nov 2022)

She is an excellent disciplinarian and I felt it for days.`

(Anoniem21, well known from spankingtube)

Hello Mrs Lady Jose.

I come back to you as agreed to give you my impressions.

Very nice meeting and very nice session that I had with you.

Several things:- Very nice home. We discussed, exchanged before, during and after the session. You take the time. I loved being in your company. I was very happy, I trembled at the same time but I was on cloud nine.

It was very nice and pleasant...

You gave me confidence and I let go completely.

You are a very very very good spanker. You know how to spank.

You give your all and I love it. You listen and spank according to demand.-You lay me over your knees and you are not joking.

You're going all the way.

You gave me severe hand-baring spankings.- You held me tight to receive the punishment whether it was with your hand or stuck between your legs.

It hurts but very exciting at the same time.

Once on your knees, you can't escape. We can only receive the spanking that you have decided to give.

Your hand hurts like an instrument. You give your all.

You know how to give small spankings as well as big and severe ones.

You adapt according to how you feel... 

Your hairbrushes are excellent and formidable. You are not kidding.

I asked you to be spanked hard and you did. It hurts but it's very exciting and it's good.You had nothing to envy to the disciplinarian, to the Anglo-Saxon spankers.

You know and you understand spanking protocol, English education, role play...I have never received such beautiful spankings as today.

Everything was there: the equipment, the environment, the clothing...I have painful buttocks, hard to sit down and I think I will have them for several more days.

But it's so nice and good at the same time.You are stern and loving at the same time. You know how to give a hug to tell the person that they are important and to comfort them.But be careful there is bad behavior Mrs. Lady José knows how to do it....I think I've found my spanker, my disciplinarian.Thank you so much.I hope to see you again as soon as I can.I will never forget this session.KissesYou are the Best.

Bonjour Mme Lady José.

Je reviens vers vous comme convenu pour vous donnez mes impressions.

Très belle rencontre et très belle séance que j'ai faite avec vous.
Plusieurs choses:
- Très bon accueil. Nous avons discuté, échangé avant, pendant et après la séance. Vous prenez le temps. J'ai adoré être en votre compagnie. J'étais très content, j'en tremblé à la fois mais j'étais sur un nuage. C'était très sympathique et agréable...
- Vous m'avez mis en confiance et je me suis lâché complètement.
-Vous êtes une très très très bonne fesseuse. Vous savez donner la fessée. Vous vous donnez à fond et j'adore. Vous êtes à l'écoute et vous administrez la fessée en fonction de la demande.
-Vous m'avez penché au travers de vos genoux et vous ne plaisantez pas. Vous allez jusqu'au bout.Vous m'avez donné de sévères fessées déculottées à la main.
- Vous m'avez maintenu solidement pour recevoir la punition que ce soit avec votre main ou coincé entre vos jambes.
Cela fait mal mais très excitant à la fois.
-Une fois sur vos genoux on ne peux pas s'échapper. On ne peut recevoir que la fessée que vous avez décidé de donner.
- Votre main fait aussi mal qu'un instrument. Vous vous donnez à fond. Vous savez aussi bien donner de petites fessées que des grosses et sévères.
Vous vous adapter en fonction de ce que vous ressentez...
- Vos brosses à cheveux sont excellentes et redoutables.Vous ne plaisantez pas.
Je vous ai demandé de recevoir de sévères fessées et vous l'avez fait. Cela fait mal mais c'est très excitant et c'est bon.
Vous n'aviez rien à envier aux disciplinarian, aux fesseuses anglo-saxons. Vous êtes aussi meilleure qu'eux.
Vous savez et vous avez compris le protocole de la fessée, l'éducation anglaise, le jeux de rôle...
Je n'ai jamais reçu d'aussi belles fessées qu'aujourd'hui. Tous était réuni: le matériel, l'environnement, la tenue vestimentaire...
J'ai les fesses douloureuses, du mal à m'assoir et je penses les avoir encore plusieurs jours. Mais c'est tellement agréable et bon à la fois.
Vous êtes sévère et aimante à la fois. Vous savez donner un câlin pour dire à la personne qu'elle est importante et la réconforter.
Mais attentions'il y a un mauvais comportement madame Lady José sait comment s'y prendre....

Je penses avoir trouvé ma fesseuse, ma disciplinarian.

Merci beaucoup.
J'espère vous revoir dès que je peux.
Je n'oublierai jamais cette séance.

You are the Best.

(Laurent France, Jan 2023)


Ik kwam Lady José tegen op twitter, ik ben m'n hele leven een grote liefhebber van OTK spanking. Ik raakte direct in de ban van haar toen ik haar website had bezocht. Gelukkig ze zijn er ook in Nederland, echte disciplinarians! Ik heb geen moment getwijfeld om contact te zoeken via de website. Dit resulteerde in een afspraak binnen een week na ons eerste contact.

We hadden afgesproken ergens onder de rook van Rotterdam. Ik moest naar een adres komen waar zij mij op zou komen halen. Toen ik daar was kreeg ik een berichtje dat ze onderweg was en te herkennen zou zijn aan een zwarte jas. Ik herkende haar direct: Wat een leuke en spontane vrouw en de begroeting was hartelijk met 3 zoenen. Daarna volgde de wandeling naar haar locatie, best spannend om naast je disciplinarian te lopen tussen het normale publiek.

Binnengekomen liet ze mij diverse spanking attributen zien, waarbij de haarborstel van 100 jaar oud, heel gemeen zou zijn veel aandacht kreeg. Ik hoopte dat die mij gespaard zou blijven.
Na een kopje koffie ging ik over de knie voor een lange en vooral lange spanking. Eerst nog met de broek aan, maar al heel snel moest alles uit. Ik denk dat ik wel een kwartier lang slaag heb gehad, daarna werd ik in de hoek gezet om na te denken over mijn gedrag. Daarna ging Lady José op de bank zitten en moest ik 3 spanking attributen uitkiezen. Uiteraard liet ik de oude borstel liggen. Ik kreeg weer een geweldig pak billenkoek met de gekozen attributen, waarvan de liniaal eigenlijk een makkie zou zijn. Daarom kreeg ik daar mee op m’n handpalmen. Vervolgens moest ik doodstil onder de klok gaan staan met m'n gezicht tegen de muur. Dat lukte niet, en dat betekende dat ik met de bewuste haarborstel maar liefst 20 tikken ging krijgen. In het begin viel het wel mee, maar Lady José ging steeds harder slaan. Het stopwoord wilde ik niet gebruiken, maar was er wel dichtbij. Ook moest ik met m'n handen tegen de muur en m'n billen naar achteren en weer 20 met die verdomde borstel..

Ik heb een fantastische ervaring gehad, eindelijk m'n fantasie werkelijkheid geworden. Ik heb geprobeerd deze discipline bij een meesteres te vinden, maar dat is niet gelukt.
Ik ben zielsgelukkig dat ik nu eindelijk m'n disciplinarian gevonden heb.

Lady José, heel erg bedankt. Ik ga nooit meer naar iemand anders toe, u bent in 1 woord:
Geweldig !

(Hans, the Netherlands Dec 2022)

My experience with Miss Jose:

What can I say about such a lady, before I do let me talk about myself a bit so, I'm
a young man from Dubai and I enjoy spanking a lot and I enjoy every aspect of

That brings us to Miss Jose, she isn't someone that I could a review
about, but she is someone that made a huge impact on me even in our first

Personally, speaking I have been punished and spanked numerous
times, but I always wanted to meet a classy, mature lady who knows exactly how
to deal with naughty boys and how to keep them in line.

Everything about the spanking was perfect down to every little detail.

Before she started spanking me, she ordered me to get in the corner and then started scolding me and it was so genuine.

Then the spanking started and oh boy this lady can spank, her hand
spanking is just in a league of its own, her hairbrush is an implement made for
one thing and one thing only and that is correcting a naughty boy’s behavior.

The spanking was long and hard, but I enjoyed every second of it and she gave me
breaks in the shape of writing lines and corner time.

Lady Jose is someone who understood me, she didn´t care one bit about time or money and the only thing she cared about was me. I´m so lucky that I met, and I feel honored that she called
me one of her boys. I hope to be disciplined by her many many many times. from
the bottom of my heart thank you Miss Jose.

(C B, Dubai, Dec 2022).

Lady Jose is a mindblowing disciplinarian.

Above all she is a heartwarming lady who is truly passionate about spanking and caring for the individual. But make no mistake, never underestimate her infamous over the knee spanking.

The build-up of the spanking is very precise and exquisite. But just when you think you can comfortably sit...well lay....this one out, you will be in for a surprise and will be introduced to the magnificent force and impact of her hands.

Her hand is a mighty mighty instrument you will love and fear at the same time. If you need more punishment she will be fair but strict and use the implement needed to put you in your place. Do fear her ebony hairbrush!! If you deserve a punishment with her special hairbrush, you will not be able to sit for a few days. Be sure what you're wishing for :)

I have never met a passionate spanker like Lady Jose, she is warm and definitely a lot of fun, however always strict in making sure you will suffer the consequences of your misbehaviour. After one session I'm already completely addicted to her creativity, her humor, her empathy and her impressive spanking, so I'll be back for sure.

I'm grateful to have met Lady Jose!

(E, Netherlands, Dec 2022)

Ma rencontre avec Lady Jose

C'est l'histoire d'une paire de fesses immaculées et timides, la mienne, à la recherche d'une main vigoureuse et aventureuse capable de transformer mon fessier en brasier infernal au moyen d’une fessée magistrale. C’est ce qui m’a amené à confier mes fesses à la redoutable Lady Josée, fesseuse professionnelle à la main infatigable, comme faite d’acier trempé, accueillant à Rotterdam les connaisseurs en mal de correction.Le résultat ne s’est pas fait attendre: La main d’acier infatigable de Lady Josée a meurtri mes fesses de claques répétées (pendant une heure …), leur donnant une allure résolument cramoisie.Vous comprendrez que mon retour en train de Rotterdam vers Paris a été inconfortable, assis que j’étais sur le bout des fesses…

Mijn ontmoeting met Lady Jose
Het is het verhaal van een paar smetteloze en verlegen billen, de mijne, op zoek naar een krachtige en avontuurlijke hand die mijn kont in een hels inferno kan veranderen door middel van een meesterlijke billenkoek.

Dit bracht me ertoe mijn billen toe te vertrouwen aan de formidabele Lady Josée, professionele disciplinarian met onvermoeibare hand, alsof ze van gehard staal waren gemaakt, die in Rotterdam fijnproevers verwelkomden die correctie nodig hebben.

Het resultaat liet niet lang op zich wachten: lady Josée's onvermoeibare stalen hand kneusde mijn billen met herhaalde klappen (gedurende een uur ...), waardoor ze een beslist karmozijnrode blik kregen.

U zult begrijpen dat mijn terugkeer met de trein van Rotterdam naar Parijs ongemakkelijk was, zittend op het puntje van mijn billen...

(Pierre, France Nov 2022)

Resultaat lange zoektocht

Heel lang ben ik op zoek naar de juiste persoon om mij te spanken.
Mijn ervaring was tot nu toe dat daar niet te veel dames voor zijn.
Er waren wel een paar goede maar die zijn helaas aan de andere kant van het land en dan is het ook niet eenvoudig om daar even snel mee af te spreken.

Uiteindelijk hier op fetlife Lady Jose gevonden.

Ik moet zeggen Lady Jose heeft echt een stevige rechterhand.

Nadat de straf voorbij was kreeg ik een liefdevolle knuffel.

Nu heb ik als aandenken nog een paar rode (??) billen en een paar mooie foto’s.

Ik kan niet anders dan aangeven dat ik mijn zoektocht naar iemand om mij te spanken gestaakt heb en de juiste persoon gevonden heb. Ik kan het iedereen die graag gespankt wordt adviseren om een afspraak met deze bijzondere dame te maken.

Ik dank u heel hartelijk voor deze behandeling en de verdere liefdevolle zorg en hoop oprecht dat ik nog vaak bij u over de knie mag liggen.

(Leendert, Netherlands Nov 2022)

Hoi Jose,

wat een feest om jou te ontmoeten.... wat ben jij leuk!

En wat kun jij hard slaan!

Mijn billen zijn nog steeds vuurrood en ik voel ze ook nog steeds branden...... en het voelt zo goed!

Ik had van te voren niet gedacht dat het zo heftig zou worden, maar op een of andere manier kon ik het goed handlen.

En met name direct na het pak slaag ben jij zooo lief en waarderend en bemoedigend..... een soort emotionele zalf, die direct wordt toegediend.

Ik voel me emotioneel vervuld.

Dank je wel !

(John, Netherlands, Nov 2022)

Good evening Lady Jose,

I'm fantastic actually, still feeling euphoric from last night's masterpiece. A spanking of a lifetime, I wish from the bottom of my heart for it to not be the last.

Thank you so much for checking up on me, you're extremely sweet and caring, an actuall aunty.

(Tim, France, Okt 2022)

Hello, Lady Jose,

Just to let you know I am fine.

This was the hardest spanking I had ever received.

I still have marks, not only some bruises but even red cane marks, which I find really remarkable.

The smarting in the bottom and the reminder when sitting actually were/ are interesting and I can say exciting (more blood circulating in the small pelvis :) ).

Just to comment - your hand and hairbrush spanking were harder and more impactful than the caning. I liked the thin whippy cane and, honestly, I would think to taste it again.

This spanking was a true S/M experience, thrashing without any erotic connotations. It is a different but valuable experience for me.

Kindest regards,

(Martin, Brussel Belgie, Okt 2022)

"Ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere Lady Jose e di essere stato sculacciato da lei in diverse occasioni. Lady Jose è una spanker genuina, si prende cura dei propri spankees. In poco tempo ho instaurato un ottimo rapporto con lei. Mi fa sentire voluto bene ma allo stesso tempo mi punisce severamente, per il mio bene. La sua mano è forte e colpisce con forza, la sua spazzola ancor di piu'. Riesce ad essere affettuosa ma, allo stesso tempo, severa. Lady Jose rispetta te e la tua privacy. Per me è un onore averla come mentore.

I consider myself lucky to meet Lady Jose and have been spanked by her on several occasions. Lady Jose is a genuine spanker, she takes care of her spankees. In a short time, I have established an excellent relationship with her. She makes me feel loved but at the same time she punishes me severely, for my own good. Her hand is strong and she hits hard, her brush even harder. She manages to be affectionate but, at the same time, strict. Lady Jose respects you and your privacy. It is an honor for me to have her as my mentor."

(Sebansten, Italy, Sept 2022)

"Ik ben twee keer de gelukkige geweest om een flink pak billenkoek te krijgen van Lady Jose. Ze is een hele leuke betrouwbare vrouw waarbij je jezelf meteen op je gemak voelt. Maar vergis je niet in haar harde handen. Je krijgt echt een serieus hard pak op je billen van haar als je dat verdient. En ik had dat tot nu toe twee keer verdiend en ik verwacht nog wel vaker...."

(Cees, Netherlands Aug 2022)

"Hai dame, Hoe zal ik het omschrijven......HELEMAAL FANTASTISCH !!!! Wouw, wat een slagkracht. Ik zal heel eerlijk zijn, maar ik heb nog nooit zo'n "heerlijk" pak slaag gekregen !! Dank je wel José, Naast je "harde" kant, zie ik overigens ook een hele lieve vrouw. Prachtige combinatie!! Ik geniet van mijn brandende billen....ik hoop dat ze nog erg lang nagloeien!"

(Edwin, Netherlands June 2022)

"My First Spanking Today is the day I finally meet Lady Jose, for my first ever spanking. A combination of nerves and excitement enter my body as I step foot on the plane flying to Amsterdam and the second I saw her stood there elegantly I felt more at ease. We got to know each other a little bit on the drive to where she was staying and i got more excited as the minutes were ticking down and we got closer to our destination. I had no idea how to feel about the spanking but it felt amazing from the very first spank. It’s hard to describe exactly how I felt as a mixture of feelings rushed through my body due to the combination of pleasure and pain. Lady Jose made me feel really comfortable the whole experience (apart from when she introduced me to her paddles…) and I could not recommend her more to anyone thinking about paying her a visit. You will have a fantastic experience with such a lovely woman. I’ll be sure to see her again soon as I struggle to stay out of trouble in everyday life and need her caring guidance."

(Lucci, England Aug 2022)

"Ik heb vanmorgen een "onderhoud"met Jose gehad en het was geweldig. Ze is lief, spontaan, mooi en heeft ijzeren handen. Daarmee geeft ze je een stevig pak voor je billen en tijdens de korte pauzes heb je een leuke conversatie. Mijn ervaring met disciplinarians is beperkt, maar zij is verreweg de beste en ik hoef dus niet verder te zoeken"

(Richie, Netherlands Aug 2022)

"I arranged a session with Lady Jose to receive a good long hard OTK spanking, I traveled abroad to meet her and it was worth it. I can testify she is the real deal and genuine spanker!!. I felt how strong her hands are, it below my mind from the beginning, at some point i couldn't handle her hand, she definitely doesn't need implements to spank you,so be warned, no matter how big and strong you think you are, she will make sure she gives you the spanking that you won't forget. Lady Jose is nice and caring with capability to spank you and she won't get tired, you won't feel insecure with her, she will never judge you and will treat you with respect. Only approach her when you are so serious about your spanking, while she is caring , she takes spanking very seriously, no none sense thing here. so you know you should be prepared for real punishment. I thank her for the unforgettable memory."

(A, Saudi Arabia, Aug 2022)