How does making an appointment work?
Please send a respectful email to jose@spankerladyjose.com. I will reply as soon as I can. We
can make the arrangements there and confirm via a phone call if required nearer to the time of
the appointment.

Why do I have to pay?
I offer a professional service. I invest in very good implements, a well-maintained private
location, and my own time and expertise. And I have my own studio, so I have to pay the rent, electricity, insurance and I pay tax. 

Can we discuss the scenario?
Yes of course we can. I´m open to discussing your desires when it comes to spanking. However,
remember that no sexual activity will take place between us.

How does a session go?
When you arrive, we will chat and share a refreshment and allow you the time to acclimatise
and feel relaxed. As we speak, eventually you will see a change in my demeanour. I am an
authoritative woman, and you will soon realise this. Not long after, you will find yourself across
my knee. After your lesson, we will relax again and discuss the experience. I truly value your
thoughts and feedback.

What about the hygiene?
My premises and implements are always spotlessly clean and well maintained. This is
incredibly important to me. Implements are sterilised after use, and you will find my whole
environment is immaculate and welcoming.

What about the aftercare?
Aftercare is super important to me. Naughty boys and girls who have learned their lessons can
always expect a warm cuddle after, so long as they ask! The next day I will be in touch (if you
agree) to check how you feel and if needed we can have a chat on the phone. Spanking can
unlock a world of emotions and I always want to check that my boys and girls are feeling ok.